5 Book Marketing Tips To Attract More Readers

5 Book Marketing Tips To Attract More Readers

Regardless of how good a book is, no one will be able to read it if it’s not marketed properly.  Publishing a book is like having a website. You might have a well-designed domain, but it’s going to be useless if no one visits it. 

The same can also be said about your book. It can be an excellent book, but it will surely fail if it’s not marketed to the right people. If you want to get that ‘best-selling’ tag, you need to stop putting your book in shops and start focusing on bringing your book to your target readers.  

5 Book Marketing Tips To Attract More Readers

Fortunately, modern technology can now help you find and attract more readers to read your book:  

  • Know Your Audience 

Many authors like to think that everyone is a potential reader. This is a big mistake because not all people are interested in reading books. Not a lot of people go to bookstores to purchase a book.  

It’s essential to know your audience before you get your book published. Think about to whom your book will appeal the most. Will it appeal more to females or males? What age range does your book is most appropriate for? The more you narrow your focus on identifying your audience, the easier it is for you to locate them and promote your book to them. 

  • Create An Author Website 

No one could care less, even if you think you have the most incredible book of all time. No one will care even if your book is the best because there are plenty of other books. What you need to do is to prove to everyone that your book is worth people’s time. How? By putting out the word that your work is top-quality.  

Build a website so that you can blog about your book every day. You might also want to offer some insights about your book on your website to grab the interest of potential readers. Also, make sure that your website is optimized for search using keywords and links.  

Your website will be the gateway point for your readers and publishers to know more about your books. You can also use it to offer promotional copies to market your book as a way of welcoming them to your new book. 

  • Offer A Free Excerpt 

There’s a reason why a lot of companies are offering free samples of their products to customers. That’s because customers love free samples! Whether it’s a free taste of a new kind of cheese at the supermarket or maybe an excerpt of your new book, customers will surely be interested in it! 

Consider offering an excerpt of your new book, like its first or second chapters or its first five pages, as a freebie to your readers. You can even use your author’s website to upload your excerpt and offer it for free there, so your readers can easily download it.  

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action for your readers, like signing up to your newsletter so that they can continue getting updates and follow-ups about your new book.  

  • Get Your Book Reviewed Before Going on Sale 

Readers don’t like to read a book that has no reviews. In Amazon, for instance, no one will buy your book if no one has reviewed it first. You must get as many book reviews as possible once it’s listed on Amazon.  

The moment your book is listed on Amazon, contact as many bloggers, influencers, or book enthusiasts as possible to review your book. More book reviews mean more visibility for your book.  

  • Connect With Other Authors 

Another excellent way of marketing your book and getting the word out is to connect with other authors, especially those in the same genre as yours. There are possibly millions of authors around the world, and they have a tight-knit community. 

If you’re willing to help out another author, chances are dozens more are eager to do the same for you. Promote other authors’ works on social media and your website and ask them to do the same for you.  

Final Thoughts 

Marketing your book is crucial to its success. Many people would love to read your book but don’t have the chance because they don’t know you exist. You can overcome this by coming up with a great marketing campaign that will get you noticed and help you sell the thousands of copies you want to make. 

Many authors never consider the importance of marketing their book, but it’s essential. Some authors don’t even bother with the idea of marketing their books because they feel as if they already have enough recognition from their previous works. Being published in the literary world is not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work to be discovered.



  • Sue E

    These are excellent points! I have always thought it was hard to be a successful author!
    I have always thought one would have to be popular or have a large fan following. Social Media is a great way for spreading the book by word of mouth. Giving a book to a book club and have them give their options might help. Having a contest or two might help get the word out too.

  • Elisa

    Social media works well for such purposes right now, including SEO. Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis, which makes it difficult for SEO experts who need to know how best to improve their page rank. What better way than using social media platforms to drive traffic and make it more relevant to Google.

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