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Sparkle the Dog by Bene Bear®: The Plush Toy Revolutionizing Character Education for Kids

Sparkle the Dog

As soon as I saw Sparkle the Dog by Bene Bear®, it was obvious this toy would not be your typical plush toy. Bene Bear and its associated toy line, Bene Buddies, have taken an innovative approach to child development by offering delightful, high-quality toys combined with character education for maximum play value and enjoyment.. [Read More]

The Significance of Animal Adoption Shelters

animal shelter

If you haven’t already, consider adopting a pet from your local shelter or rescue group. This will help animals get a second chance and break the cycle of overpopulation of pets. Adopting an adult animal is also a great way to get a dog or cat already housetrained and trained. This will save you time.. [Read More]