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If You Build It… You Can Play With It – GeoSmart Flip!

Don’t you just love the satisfaction of building something?  I have always been very hands on and my kids have also had those same desires.  Not only do we love the “building” process but to have something concrete and usable afterwards is amazingly rewarding. If you build it, it will flip, wirelessly! This 30-piece geomagnetic.. [Read More]

BarkBox Toys and Treats #BarkBox

This girl is the princess in the family.  Yup – she is true royalty… This is Xena Lee and she just finished celebrating her 8th birthday.  She is a very happy dog – and we love her dearly.  She has a great deal of energy and loves collecting her “babies” translated to dog toys… One.. [Read More]

Wubble Fulla Marbles and Wubble Fulla Slime #WubbleFulla #Giveaway

Check out this great product – Wubble has outdone themselves again!  They have two versions of the new Wubble Fulla – a Wubble filled with gooey slime or soft, colorful Magic Marbles. The new balls come in three super squishy sizes: Huge (5″), Big (4″) or Tiny (just under 2 ½”)!  Each size comes stuffed.. [Read More]

The Best Interactive Dog Toy Suggestions and Benefits

Dogs are dogs and all dogs need to exercise, just like people do! And when your dog gets enough exercise, it improves and promotes not only their physical health but also helps to improve their mental well being as well. As well as minimizing the destructive behavior part of their nature. And we all know.. [Read More]

Introducing Series 5 Whiffer Sniffers – Unique, Fun and Affordable

Looking for a really cute gift for the Holidays?  Look no further than Whiffer Sniffers!  This is perfect for kids of all ages – a great way for a child to express their own personalities.  They look great and smell terrific.  These Whiffer Sniffers retail for just $6.99 each and are collected by kids coast-to-coast.  Right now they.. [Read More]