Diana’s Bath in North Conway New Hampshire

Diana’s Baths are a must see if you are in the North Conway area and want to experience nature at its finest. Diana’s baths lie along Lucy Brook in Bartlett which is fed from Big Attitash Mountain. During the summer the baths are a great place for children and grown-ups alike to enjoy the tranquility of nature, and explore the many rocks, ledges, cascading falls and pools in the brook. The cascading falls measure Approx. 75 feet in total  height.

The hike to Diana’s Baths is a fairly easy 6/10ths of a mile on a relatively flat, wide gravel path. Being part of the US National Forrest System, there is a large parking lot at the entrance to the hiking path and a self service pay station which requires visitors to purchase and display a daily pass on the dashboard your vehicle. This daily pass (currently $3.00 per day) may be used at other national Forrest sites as well. Dogs are allowed along the trails, but owners must clean-up after their pets.

It was raining the day we went so the falls were a little on the fierce side.  Not necessarily the soothing waterfalls that may be the case on calmer days.














  • Brenda P

    It looks beautiful! I’ve never been to the Northeastern states (aside from New York). We love visiting National Forests and Parks so we’ll have to add this to our list for future trips!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, the kids look like they are having a ball. It looks like a really beautiful spot. I’ve always wanted to see New England.

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