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Carrying Meds – Tips and Tricks

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Do you ever need to carry meds?  My kids have special needs and take meds three times per day.  If I don’t carry a full days worth with me, I always seem to manage to need them.  Failure to have them takes away all spontaneity we could possibly have.  We become hostages to the schedule.  

I have tried so many pill containers over the years and inevitably they seem to break open in my purse, spilling the pills everywhere.  The best solution – contact lense holders.  They have screw on caps and are just the right size for a dose.  I can easily carry a full days worth in minimal space.  

I carry three containers – A = Anthony; S = Sephora; M = Morning; A = Afternoon; B = Bedtime.

Best solution ever and those screw on caps never come off.


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