The Making of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Caped Maxi Dress

tmnt dress


Sephora is quite the tomboy but loves dresses.  That is a difficult path to navigate.  Don’t get me wrong she loves to get dressed up in her really girly dresses but on a regular day – she can’t really climb trees dressed in that.  Well she can – but I prefer she doesn’t.  Over the last two years I started whipping up dresses for her.  Dresses that I have been making since early 2012 still fit her – I do make them big at first, then she can wear them for a long time.  These are some photos of dresses I have whipped up previously.  There are more but these are the dresses I have photos of.


dresses I have made 1


To make these dresses I simply take pieces of multiple tshirts – sew them together and voila – one of a kind dresses.  The next one I even put on a hood and tie.  It definitely isn’t the best hood but she has certainly never complained and gets compliments on it every single time she wears it.


dresses i have made 2


Right now she has definitely been sucked into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle craze and has been quite upset that she can’t find anything girly in their designs.  Not a problem…


I purchased a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cape Tshirt and a plain black tshirt.


tmnt cape t and a black t

This one was rather simply done – I cut off the entire bottom section (armpits to the bottom) of the black tshirt and sewed it on the bottom of the TMNT shirt.  Normally I would shorten the upper shirt but she wanted this one to be a maxi style dress so I left it as a full length adult sized shirt.  Remember correct side to correct side when sewing together.  I neatened that seam up – then hemmed the bottom (I sewed the finished edge to the finished edge of the TMNT shirt).  These are adult shirts so I shortened up the shirt sleeves by hemming and using black thread on purpose to match the lower part of the dress.  Because this is a Cape Tshirt – that is all I did.  If the cape wasn’t there I would have added a hood or longer sleeves.


tmnt maxi dress

Now that is a happy child!  So now she has all of the dresses you see above (they all still fit except the candy corn dress) and a batman with cape dress.  Tomorrow we will make something different.


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