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Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron’s Putty World

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Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron’s Putty World

In 1998 Aaron got this crazy idea to create a putty for adults in adult sizes.  It was only a matter of time and his ideas caught on – putty in different colors and more.  As he started to sell his putty by the pound and demand increased, they began calling him crazy Aaron.  Before long he production to a vocational facility in Philadelphia.

Many entrepreneurs see potential as a lump of clay – and dream about shaping it into a thriving business.  “Crazy” Aaron Muderick thought in terms of that metaphor too – but with a lump of putty.  In 1998 Muderick was working as a software engineer.  Writing code all day offers periodic pauses as code is uploaded to the server.  During one of those pauses, Muderick picked up a piece of Silly Putty on his desk and squished it mindlessly waiting for his code to process.  Soon his co-workers wanted a piece of the putty too.  Muderick decided to make his own and 16 years later, Puttyworld is a hit with kids and adults alike.  The popular metal tins of non-toxic silicone putty are sold in thousands of specialty stores and online at

We received the following tins:  Heat Sensitive Hypercolor, Creatures, Glow In The Dark, Super Magnetic, and for the holidays – Tinsel and Lump of Coal.

I had to try these out while the kids were in bed – you know, just to make sure they were safe.  It is kind of like eating raw cookie dough but telling the kids they can’t because they will get sick from the raw eggs.   YUM!  Sometimes I may just want to play with putty in peace before I need to fight the kids for my turn.

But alas, it is the kids turn.  First we played with the Heat Sensitive Hypercolor – we have the Twilight combination.  Heat turns it blue but it begins as purple or if it cools down.

heat sensitive hypercolor

She kept cooling a piece off and twisting them together, then cooling the entire strip and cutting it up with a plastic knife.  So much fun.


Thinking Putty Creatures

And this is the Creatures putty.  A blue putty with sparkliness and eyeballs!  Yeah, hard to not thoroughly enjoy squishing it all up into funky shapes and then have eyeballs staring back at you.

These tins are quite large – definitely not your average little egg of putty.  I will definitely be keeping a tin at work for those stressful afternoons that seem to be happening way too much lately.  My kids also have special needs and I can tell you this putty is quite therapeutic for them, especially my daughter.  She is even allowed to have stuff like this at her desk to help her calm down – so one is definitely going there.

For Halloween PuttyWorld has colors like Ectoplasm, Jack O’ Lantern and Witches Brew.

In November though they will have some great holiday tins.  2″ tins of Tinsel, Five Golden Rings, Candy Cane and Lump of Coal will be available for $3 each or 4″ tins of Mistletoe Madness or Snow Angel for $14 each; or 4″ tins of Menorah Meltdown for $12.

The putty melts down in the tin when being stored.  We have two giant breed dogs so it is important that it doesn’t stick to the dog hair.  Otherwise it would just end up being a ball of hair.

These tins will make great stocking stuffers for you children, spouse, other family members, friends and more.

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