Making My Own Fabric Mama Cloths – Reusable Menstrual Pads

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Making My Own Fabric Mama Cloths – Reusable Menstrual Pads

I received this product – just kidding… I have wanted to try fabric menstrual pads for some time.  I have wondered for a really long time why I get a rash at “that time of the month”.  A friend finally mentioned to me (and not that this comes up in conversation much) that she suffered from a similar affliction and had to stop using disposable pads.  She now uses other options.  However, that turned me towards the idea of trying fabric menstrual pads.

I looked into purchasing some but they are so expensive for just 3 or 4 and a full cycle can require 15-20.  But in either case – how hard can they be to make.  I am not a seamstress but I can get by and even if my lines aren’t straight – I figured I could make at least a reliable pad.

I researched and researched different products to use for the top (close to the skin), middle (absorbent section), bottom (waterproof section).  I do plan to try several different options because there are so many different designs, fabrics types, shapes, fabric patterns and more to choose from.

Through the entire process of making these my daughter kept insisting they were for her.  She is only 9 and although she may start her cycles in the next year (who knows they all seem to start earlier and earlier these days) – she hasn’t started yet.  Plus I told her I would have to make a smaller set for her – but nope she wasn’t buying it.  She insists these are for her…

For this set of 4 (I will do sets of 4 so I can determine which I prefer) I used wicking jersey as the top layer.  The moisture can not only get through to the absorbent layer but it actually is designed to keep the moisture away from my skin.  The absorbent layer will probably not change no matter what I choose for top or bottom layers – it is Zorb II.  Zorb II is a phenomenal material for absorption and there really isn’t much better.  The bottom layer (wing section) is one side of cotton owls and the very bottom waterproof section is PUL with the chick design.

Other options I am considering for the top are Minky Fleece and for the bottom Windpro Fleece (if I can ever figure out where to purchase some).

For the pad part I cut out 4 strips of the wicking jersey and 4 strips of the Zorb II.

pad section

Then I cut 4 of each side of the wings:

pads 2

I started by sewing the pad sections together then flipping them right side out and top stitching.

Next I sewed the cotton and PUL (right sides together) then flipped them right side out and top stitched.

Put each piece together – literally sew the pad section on to the cotton side of the wings.  Sew two or three rows down the center of the pad section after it is secure to stop any shifting of the absorbent material.

Lastly, I used a set of KAM pliers (you have got to get yourself a pair – they are awesome) to attach snaps.  Snaps are essential so the wings can be secured under the crotch of the panties.  You can use velcro or sew on snaps also but the KAM pliers are so incredibly easy.

The snaps also allow you to fold up the pads for storing.

mama cloth 2

If you would like a pattern like this with step by step instructions you can get it from the same place I did –  Although I have paid for some patterns, this one is free and the instructions are the best I have found, especially for people like me who are not able to read patterns nor do I have the patience for patterns.

12 thoughts on “Making My Own Fabric Mama Cloths – Reusable Menstrual Pads

  1. Ella says:

    Reuse Menstrual Pads??? Sorry, I just don’t women will see that amount of blood and would want to wash the pad. Thank God I don’t see my menstrual anymore.


  2. Danielle says:

    I have seen these before I have to admit I wouldn’t use them because I don’t want to wash blood. Maybe it the nurse in me having to clean up other people bodily fluids day in and day out that just makes me not want to do that but I can totally see why others might want to go this route.

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