Chewbacca Says… Welcome to the First Snow of 2014/2015

chewbacca says welcome to the first snow 20142015


Chewbacca Says… Welcome to the First Snow of 2014/2015

Welcome!  This is the first time my mom has allowed me to post on The Stuff of Success and I am so excited to be here.  My name is Chewbacca Bayley Nagel and I am a 4 year old English Mastiff.  That little girl in the picture is my sister and master – Sephora.  I adore her and try to make sure I am gentle with her although sometimes I forget just how big I am – she is quite the tomboy so she doesn’t mind a little rough play anyway but it is very exhausting for me.

I had no idea it was supposed to snow last night and was so excited to wake this morning and have my toes (only toes because we didn’t get much) wiggling through the snow.  Sephora took me for a small walk before she went to school.  That is about all I can handle these days then I rest for awhile.  You see, I was really sick a couple months ago and I felt like I was dying – I became really nervous when my parents started to cry because then I knew I really was!  I wasn’t ready to leave Sephora.  Turns out I have Addison’s disease.  That is a terrible disease but my parents are now at least able to get me the meds I need and I can finally eat again.  But I am also terribly tired.

While Sephora is at school all day and the rest of the family is away at school or work I am able to rest in total peace.  With the exception of my canine sister Xena who’s favorite thing to do in life is torment me.  Some days she seems to know when I don’t feel well and lets me rest while other days she nags me all day long.  She tries to get me into mischief but I really do my best to ignore her.  Sometimes I forget the rules though and get sucked in to her chaos.

Meme checks on us during the day and takes us outside.  If the weather is good she lets us play until I am exhausted again.  If not, she gives me new bedding (because I have accidents from the medication), feeds me, makes sure I have plenty of water and gives us hugs and kisses.

Then the rest of the family comes home and I try very hard to stay awake until they go to bed.  Sometimes I just can’t though so I take little catnaps while they are eating dinner or watching TV.  Then it is bed time and we start all over again.

But back to the snow.  It isn’t much snow today and it is actually not very cold out – but it was just enough snow to officially say we received some.  The kind of snow that doesn’t hurt my paws and doesn’t make me cold.  The kind of snow that is so beautiful to look at on the trees up against the bright white sky.  The kind of snow that adds a special crisp scent to the air that makes me want to suck so much fresh air into my lungs.  It doesn’t last all day – by the time the sun fully comes up the snow melts and disappears – like it was never even there.  But I felt it, I saw it, I smelled it and I loved it!

4 thoughts on “Chewbacca Says… Welcome to the First Snow of 2014/2015

  1. JEFF TAYLOR says:

    I can’t wait for our first snow. Although we did have flurries yesterday! Nothing stuck so I don’t count it as official. Thanks for the entertaining post. You are a talented dog! There’s a show called Dog with a Blog on Disney..maybe a relative?

  2. Rebecca Swenor says:

    What a great story. I love hearing stories like this one. Thanks for sharing. We got 3 ft of snow outside after 2 days of a snow storm.

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