The Best Pillow For a Perfect Night’s Sleep – intelliBED

The Best Pillow For a Perfect Nights Sleep

The Best Pillow For a Perfect Nights Sleep - intelliBED | The Stuff of Success

The Best Pillow For a Perfect Night’s Sleep – intelliBED

Sadly, from the moment I wake up in the morning until the moment I actually go to bed – I look forward to going back to bed.  I love curling up in my bed – it is not actually about the sleeping.  If I could just be wrapped in my perfect blanket with my perfect pillow and still have a productive day – I would be extremely happy…

My perfect blanket is simply a concoction that I have developed and it is awesome.  I used to sleep with down comforters but no more – I purchased a quilt but that wasn’t enough.  I like soft and warm.  I sewed fleece to one full side of my comforter – seriously if you have never thought of it – give it a try.  It is the most comfortable cover ever.

intelliBED pillow

But I still needed the perfect pillow.  I have tried many different pillows and I am very rarely happy.  Either they are too hard, too soft, too heavy, too light and the last problem – have a funny smell.  Then intelliBED came into my life!  Now my entire sleeping experience is luxurious and relaxing.  This pillow has a foam core that adjusts specifically to my needs with an air chamber that can alter the size of the pillow by a full two inches.  I now get the perfect support for my head and neck and don’t end up with headaches all day long.  The pillow does even have a soft zippered cotton knit cover but I prefer to still put a pillowcase over it when sleeping.  I have the side sleeper pillow but there is also an option of a back sleeper pillow or a side sleeper low profile pillow.

Now as I sit here after a long day of work and meetings – I am ready to crawl into bed with my best friend – intelliBED and custom quilt… And and let’s not forget my memory foam mattress topper… Yup, I may never surface again.

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