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Mickey Mouse Lollipops – Easy Party Treats #DisneySide @HomeCelebration

Mickey Mouse Lollipops Easy Party Treat

The 10th birthday party is getting closer and closer… Preparations are still underway.  Today’s addition to the big day is candy Mickey Mouse Lollipops.

There are ways to make these much more elaborate but honestly I do not have that kind of time nor do I have that amount of patience.  But my kids thoroughly love the basic pops and they are very easy.

Mickey Mouse Lollipops

First you need to choose a mold – for these I am using Mickey Mouse candy molds.  The easiest place to find candy molds of any kind is on Amazon.

Second – decide what chocolate you are going to melt.  You need actual melting chocolate which you can pickup on Amazon, a craft store, or even Walmart.  You have many more options than just white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate.  There are many colors available – something for every occasion.

Third – you need a melting pot.  You can use the microwave or a double boiler but a melting pot is so easy.

Fourth – lollipop sticks.

So here are the instructions.  They are mega difficult so take notes… Spoon the melted chocolate into the candy molds (with stick in place) and freeze until solid – then remove…  That really is all there is to it.  It does require patience if you don’t have multiple molds because you need to keep waiting for the melted chocolate to solidify.

Mickey Mouse Lollipops 3

This is the first batch of milk chocolate but my daughter also wants some red Mickey Mouse lollipops – tomorrow night.  The red is basically white chocolate colored red.


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