Fun Mickey Mouse Tumblers – Just $1 Each #DisneySide @HomeCelebration

Fun Mickey Mouse Tumblers

This is another Fun Mickey Mouse project that is easy and inexpensive.  I purchased the plain tumblers from Dollar Tree.  I actually purchased a bunch of them a while ago and they are my “go to” item for fun easy projects.  Who doesn’t need a new tumbler?

Tumblers With Mickey Mouse Laminate

In addition to the tumbler all you need is either a sheet of adhesive laminate or a sheet of contact paper – permanent or replaceable.  For this I am using laminate but only because that was the closest I had to the color black – which of course you can see that it is brown… Laminate is rather expensive while contact paper is much less expensive and works just as well.

Tumbler with ice

I also have a Cricut Machine which I sometimes use but I didn’t have a basic Mickey Head shape.  So I drew one out on a piece of paper and simply cut the shape out – it isn’t perfect but I think it is still quite cute.

I don’t know how these would hold up in a dishwasher since I don’t have one – but washing by hand they hold up very well.  In fact I used contact paper for a sign on my car’s rear window and it was on that window for four year through rain, car washes, scraping snow off my windows and more – it never ever even showed signs of coming off even slightly.  You could even add a bow and make them Minnie tumblers.

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