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How I Avoid Crying While Cutting Onions – You Are Going To Want To See This

How I Avoid Crying While Cutting Onions

How I Avoid Crying While Cutting Onions

Do you LOVE onions?  I can’t imagine why I didn’t like them when I was younger because now – I could probably eat them like an apple if I wouldn’t end up crying my eyes out.

But even more important than me liking them – they are so good for you and have many documented health benefits.  I have no desire to cry for a half hour after cutting up my onions though.

Are you ready for the secret tip?

Sunglasses!  Yup – they don’t need to be dark sunglasses – these are actually night vision glasses with a slight yellow tint but ANY sunglasses will work.  I use these because they still allow for great visibility.  I don’t need to cut a finger off.

Now don’t ever forget this tip – remember to thank The Stuff of Success with changing your life!

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