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Glow In The Dark Jars – A Perfect Project For All to Enjoy

Glow in the Dark Jars An Easy Fun Project The Stuff of Success

Glow In The Dark Jars – A Perfect Project For All to Enjoy

You can do this project with any jar – we generally actually use recycled jars such as spaghetti jars for this project.  However, this was for a birthday party so we used green canning jars.  The green had absolutely no benefit so if you use canning jars – save your money and just buy the clear jars.  Or even better use recycled jars.

We save every jar we come across and can always come up with a use for it.   Additionally, we always have a ton of glow sticks on hand due to all the camping we do.   And… being what my kids call – a craft person – we always have glitter around (ugh – I hate glitter but it is an essential evil with kids).  Mix them all together and you get this…  If you recycle a jar be sure to clean your jar and use something like Goo Be Gone to remove all traces of the labels.

Begin by pouring a bunch of glitter in your jars.  That container you see in the photo did about 8 jars.

Glow Jars 1

Then crack a glow stick so it lights up – cut off the end (be careful it is not that easy to cut) and dump the glowing contents into the jar.  Close the jar tightly and shake, shake, shake…

Glow Jars 2

Just remember these are glass and not meant to be played with.  They are meant to just light your way or in our case we often use them as a night light alternative for Sephora at bedtime.  You need to use glow sticks that are thicker than bracelet glow sticks – check out your local dollar store, they have so many glow stick options.

This next jar was made with a spaghetti sauce jar.

single glow jar

Can’t wait to go camping and we can set these up on the picnic table.  And if we do the same thing but with plastic water bottles – the kids will have a much larger glow stick for walking around the campground.

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