Day One – 24 Day Challenge – The Beginning of the Beginning – Care to Join Me?

Day One – 24 Day Challenge – The Beginning of the Beginning – Care to Join Me?


I received my 24 Day Challenge Kit from Advocare yesterday and my plan was to start the program today.  I wasn’t quite sure if that would happen since everyone in the house is sick with one thing or another.  In the end, I did decide to start today.  What better time to start than a day when I don’t have any appetite anyway…


The kit I have includes two boxes of Spark drink mixes, OmegaPlex, Meal Replacement Shakes, Herbal Cleanse, MNS3 and I opted to add in Catalyst.


The plan calls for a very specific daily routine (depends on the day) of these supplements.  Additionally you drink you daily allotment of water or some other approved liquid (not soda!)  There was a time when I would drink diet soda all day every day.  Now I pretty much just like my morning diet coke but skip it the rest of the day.  I have gone long periods of time with no soda whatsoever so I am glad I can still pretty much take it or leave it.


Since I also signed up as a distributor I have this kit:


Advocare Distributor Kit

Yes I did end up starting today.  I didn’t eat as many “meals/snacks” as they allow but I was plenty full.

Skipped breakfast since I pretty much slept in due to being sick.

Lunch – Rudi’s Gluten Free bread (2 slices), tomato, chicken breast, oil  (made as a sandwich)

Snack – Apple with natural peanut butter

Supper – Same as lunch


Pretty comfortable day for my first day – I need to really work on the water.  I drank more than I usually do but clearly could use more…  If I decide to have another snack (though I doubt I will) – I have planned for it to be strawberries and a few almonds…


If anyone would like to take this Advocare journey with me – just reach out to me at thestuffofsuccess at gmail dot com and I will help you get started. 

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