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Flameless Tea lights and Wraps – Gorgeous and Versatile

Flameless Tealights and Wraps

This set of 24 Flameless LED Tea Light Set by Frux Home and Yard has flickering lights to mimic the action of flames.  They also come with 24 paper decorative wraps.




The paper wraps come in ivory, blush and black – my personal favorite is the blush.


Flameless LED tea lights


These tea lights us a CR2032 battery.  If you ever purchase that size battery you will know that they can be expensive.  They cost far more for 24 batteries than it does for these tea lights – that in itself is a great deal.  I used to purchase tea lights at the dollar store but I would need to purchase a bunch because they didn’t work well, reliably or last very long.




These tea lights are plastic with white bodies and a flickering LED flame.  Tea lights can be used for so many decorations, craft projects etc… But LED tea lights are even more versatile.  I can’t use real tea lights in my house – it would be quite dangerous for my pets and kids.  We love the look of a flickering flame but we have two giant breed dogs who can get into anything while standing on their four legs – they don’t even need to jump.


Wraps for tea lights frux home and yard wm


So tea lights are an alternative that still allow us to do things we want to.  In this case I simply bought a colored red vase at a thrift store (there are always hidden treasures there).  This vase is gorgeous.  Then simply turn on (a small switch on the bottom) the tea light and place inside the vase.  Inexpensive tea lights don’t last the night for my daughter.  These tea lights remain cool to the touch and each one provides approximately 100 hours worth of lighting.  That’s alot of nights!    My son simply uses a tea light all by itself – not placing it in anything.  He just uses it all alone as a night light.  The paper wraps add a very attractive option for just enjoying a candle lit evening!


They are available for $19.97 on Amazon


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