Rustic Crust Flatbread Pizza Crusts and Sauce Makes For The Perfect Family Movie Night

Rustic Crust Pizza and Sauce

Rustic Crust, the maker of organic and all-natural pizza crust and sauce, allowed us to have the perfect family movie night tonight.


All Rustic Crust ready-made crusts are made using traditional, Old World baking methods and are hand formed and double proofed for flavor.  Their products use delicious, all natural ingredients: Select herbs and spices, no GMOs or artificial ingredients and are healthy for the whole family through the use of unbleached whole grain flours, no trans fats and no added sugar!  The crusts are pre-made and ready to enjoy in minutes.


rio 2

We definitely enjoy having a movie night once a week and often that includes pizza or some other comfort food for a meal.  Rustic Crust Flatbread Pizza was the perfect addition to our night tonight.  We watched Rio 2 which is a fantastic animated story with some great messages.


Rustic Crust 1


Rustic Crust Flatbread Pizzas are quick and easy.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great evening with your family and you definitely don’t need to slave in the kitchen for hours on end while everyone else gets to spend quality time together.


Rustic Crust Pizza 2


The pizzas we made this evening are your basic cheese pizza.  The kits come with sauce and crust and we simply added some mozzarella and cheddar cheeses for the perfect pizza.  Often however we will add hamburg, meatballs, pepperoni, veggie crumbles, peppers, onions, ham, pineapple and more.


Rustic Crust Pizza Cheese


The crusts we were sent to try are: Sea Salt and Basil, Crispy Italian Thin Crust and Cheesy Herb Pizza Crust.  There are many more varieties though.  We loved all of them – far better than any other pre-made crust we have ever had.  But the tricky part of making pizza at home is always the sauce and my kids are very particular.  I never quite know what they will or won’t eat and they loved these pizzas.  They will only eat cheese pizza which is why that was our choice this evening.


Pizza Slices


We love family movie nights and pizza is quite often an addition to the evening.  We will absolutely be dining with Rustic Crust pizzas again in the future.  They were a huge hit for every one of us.  In my area of CT, I can find these products at Stop and Shop.  Check here to see where you can find them where you live.


So spend some quality time with your family enjoying a nice Rustic Crust Pizza dinner and movie at home and you won’t be sorry!


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