Go Raw Junk Free Food Makes It Easy To Snack Healthy

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The vision of Go Raw is to produce delicious, organic-raw-vegan products for consumers looking for a healthier, purer lifestyle.  All Go Raw products are seed based – no nuts, not even in their “chocolate” formula.  The seeds are sourced from local growers whenever possible, sorted for maximum quality, then they are rinsed 3 times in filtered water and soaked until sprouted.  The highest quality organic products are then mixed into the seeds then dehydrated and packaged.


Rowdy Ranch Salad Snacks


They have recently revamped their packaging and it is now vibrant, contemporary and attractive.  Their products are all GMO free, soy free, nut free, gluten free and vegan.


Choco pizza


I have been very interested in eating a raw diet for quite some time.  It does take alot of work and pre-planning and my life is not conducive to spending that much time meal planning and meal prepping.  I do highly recommend a raw diet though and if you can’t follow a full raw diet then substituting as much as you can in raw calories would benefit you tremendously.  A raw diet can increase energy, increase weight loss, clear up skin, increase mental clarity, allow for more restful sleep and overall better health.


sweet ginger


What does eating raw mean? None of the ingredients have been heated to a temperature above 118°F in order to preserve all of the enzymes contained in the plant that would be destroyed by the extreme heat of cooking. Raw foodists eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and usually a combination of them all.


Watermelon Raisin Banana


Go Raw has a huge collection of snacks:  Bars, Flax Snax, Cookies, Bites, Granola, Seeds, Chocolate, Coconut Crisps and Salad Snax.  If you have never eaten raw products or dehydrated anything on your own, they may seem a little strange to you.  But we use our dehydrator(s) all the time and have never disliked anything we have created.  These products just save me time and make it easier to eat raw when I may not have otherwise been able to.  I brought my snacks to work and although some of my coworkers were skeptical, they did try them.  I received all of the items in the photo above.  My favorite by far is the sprouted watermelon seeds.  They have a nice crunchy texture and taste very much like sunflower seeds (without the shells).  I also enjoy the Sweet Spirulina – that snack tastes very much like fresh banana chips.  I am not a huge fan of chocolate so Choco Chunk wasn’t a favorite of mine but if you like chocolate – this product would be a huge way to still get your chocolate fix!


I will be purchasing more from Go Raw.  They are far better snacking alternatives than so many other products that are quickly available.  Obviously they are so much more healthy and I don’t even feel the least bit guilty when eating these snacks.  So much fun!  In my area I can find these snacks at my local Stop and Shop.  Use their store locator to find locations near you.


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7 thoughts on “Go Raw Junk Free Food Makes It Easy To Snack Healthy

  1. Marthalynn says:

    How interesting! These look surprisingly good. I’m impressed that they’re GF and non GMO. I’d love to try them!

  2. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I have been looking at trying to eat healthier. These would be perfect options. I would love to try the choco chunk and sweet spirulina. The closest store that carries these is 60 miles away. I may have to make a trip there to get some of these. Thank you for sharing this great post!

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