Plumber’s Hero Kit – You Don’t Need Chemicals To Clear a Clogged Drain

Plumber's Hero


I am 100% serious when I tell you I think we have the worst plumbing issues in the world!  Okay so maybe not the world but definitely in our little corner of it.  We bought our house 14 years ago and it seems to be one problem after another.  We also have kids ranging in age from 10 to 28 and each of them creates their own unique plumbing issues resulting in clogged drain after clogged drain!


The youngest tends to think (maybe not so much anymore but a couple years ago for sure) that everything and anything can go down the toilet drain…


Our 14 year old has some intestinal issues and tends to go to the bathroom so much every single time he goes – creating a messy disaster.  We try snakes, plungers, removing the entire toilet and more and are still often left calling for help.


The oldest three were not toilet issues but sink and tub/shower drain issues.  Hair, hair and more hair.  All the time – one clog after another.  I use vinegar and baking soda, dawn detergent, hot water, and every other “solution” I can find.  No luck…




Plumber’s Hero has come to the rescue.  I will show you some of their videos because I don’t have clear pipes that can properly display its power and what I am plunging is not nearly as neat and tidy as what they are plunging…  But this product is so effective that we are actually taking it with us down south to Florida next week.  I don’t need my son to be clogging up the plumbing our our oldest son’s house.  Yes, it happens just that much – even this morning in fact!


Kit Contents


Plumber’s Hero unclogs drains instantly – just press and unclog.  It is seriously that easy.  My husband and I have gotten extreme aerobic workouts in at home while trying to unclog our toilets.  First of all our pipe is actually too small.  However, unless we want to re-plumb the house which was built in 1925 and dig up the sidewalk and porch – we must survive with the plumbing we have.  It will be inevitable at some point though.  Check it out…

And what is even better is that you get more than one use out of this clog blaster!  You can get 20 uses out of it – that is unbelievable considering how much I have spent over the years trying to unclog pipes.  Not to mention there is nothing caustic – no drain clearing chemicals whatsoever – simple powerful pressure.  It even leaves a light citrus scent behind.  It comes complete with two seals depending on what you are trying to clear.  It even works with garbage disposals (which I don’t have).  The can looks like a can of silly string but it is definitely not…  Plumber’s Hero is safe for septic systems, PVC pipe, copper pipe and old pipes.


Plumbers Hero Kit


Right now a Plumber’s Hero kit is available for $19.99 plus Shipping and Processing.


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