Friendly Bands Sunshine Loom Kit For Even More Creativity! #friendlybands

Friendly Bands Sunshine Loom Kit


FriendlyBands SunshineLoom is a circular loom craft kit for creating rubber band bracelets, necklaces, rings and more! The kit includes a circular loom with a storage area for accessories, a clear protective lid for travel and storage, a hook, 3 special interchangeable charms, 24 links, over 600 high quality, latex-free rubber bands and an instruction booklet.




Easy numbered pegs for easy to follow instructions. The circular Sunshine Loom is the only loom that can make a full-size, all-around rubber band bracelet for a child or adult!



Check out their YouTube page for some great tutorials:  Friendly Bands


I have several loom band kits but none compare to this one.  With others I need to have multiple looms to achieve what we want to do.  With this one, it is one simple circular loom – nothing more is every needed.  We travel alot and having a loom with us is very stress relieving and keeps my daughter (and I) from getting bored.  But I am not thrilled when I have to carry multiple looks and then an additional storage container.  It gets to the point where our looms need their own carry-on bag!  That is simply not acceptable especially when we need to travel light – we could easily get bogged down with large bags and tons of stuff.  It comes with more than enough supplies to make quite a few bracelets but after we use them all we can easily use any loom bands and we have just about every color and variety known to man!  I am totally not kidding…  This loom is so much easier to use than straight looms.  The inclusion of its own storage capabilities within the loom is brilliant.  No more boxes, containers or baggies!  It’s all in one place.  Don’t be intimidated by a circular loom – there are so many videos out there for just about any design.  So many new projects to try!

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