Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath – My Daughter Gets To Enjoy Bath Time Again

Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath



Kandoo Simply Suds is part of the KandooKids line of products.  This bubble bath creates rich long lasting bubbles and contains natural moisturizers, natural shea & cocoa butter to prevent drying and help children’s skin maintain its natural moisture.  It is also sulfate-free specially formulated for kids with sensitive skin. Does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates or other harsh chemicals.

My daughter has very sensitive skin – as do I.  She has had more rashes, hives, breakouts etc… We have to be very careful what we expose her skin to.  When she was younger she couldn’t even go out in the sun – thankfully she has grown out of that.  Kandoo Simply Suds bubble bath is the perfect solution.  Although it is available with a tropical smoothie scent – this particular variety is specifically for children with sensitive skin  It is hypoallergenic with no fragrances or dyes as well as sulfate and paraben free.  So much less to worry about.  She stopped taking bubble baths a long time ago because it is just too much to worry about.  Tonight however, she was having a day where she was feeling a bit overwhelmed so I ran her a bubble bath, put on her favorite music and put her in the tub to relax.  It worked like a charm.  She fell asleep as soon as she came out.  This is definitely going to be our bubble bath of choice.  I miss (and I am sure she does too) her being able to have the calming bubble baths!

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5 thoughts on “Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath – My Daughter Gets To Enjoy Bath Time Again

  1. Dianna Davis says:

    we have the same problem with sensitiivity of the skin– anything to have a half way normal(what ever) that could be day– We have never had bubble baths because of this. Thank you for the review– I will be looking for this

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