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ivoreez Piano – Play the Piano in 60 Seconds With No Sheet Music

Have you ever taken music lessons? Or have you ever provided music lessons for your children? Playing a musical instrument, no matter what it is, is an incredibly valuable practice. Studies show that listening to music helps improve your mood, boosts your mental health, and increases your cognition. Playing music multiplies these benefits. The problem, as anyone who has ever studied an instrument knows, is that it can take months or even years to become proficient enough to play the songs that you want to play. It seems like you always start out a new instrument by learning “Hot Cross Buns, “ “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” But kids and teens, especially, want to play contemporary music. And that is not possible with beginners’ skills in piano or any instrument. Now, though, with Ivoreez, it is possible and as easy as you could imagine.
The Ivoreez piano system was created by a music teacher and mother of seven after she saw many students quit the piano because of frustration. She decided to create a way for students to have the instant gratification of playing their favorite songs without having to learn endless notes, chords, and notation. With Ivoreez, you can start playing your favorite songs in 60 seconds. The secret is the set of colored decals that you receive. They come with instructions on how to place them on your piano or keyboard keys. That is all the setup that is required. Then you can play songs without learning a single note. The only think you need other than the decals is a piano which you can get from piano rental in Singapore.
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The first part of the Ivoreez system is the set of decals. The second part is the digital component. You can download the Ivoreez app for your phone or tablet, or go right to the website on your laptop. You select the song you want to play and you begin – it is that simple. There are no notes on the screen, only the lyrics, which are color-coded. When you see the color of the lyrics change as you are singing along, you simple press all the keys on your piano or keyboard that have the corresponding color. You are playing the chords that go with each line, without ever needing to learn a note! It sounds great as you are playing along and singing with the song, and you can even control the speed of the scrolling lyrics and the tempo of the song. This allows you to learn the song, and then you can speed it up as you become more comfortable. Another option when using the app is that you can record your playing and upload to YouTube.
The selection of songs is varied, and there are a few hundred to choose from, with more added each week. There is a great selection of contemporary music, along with classic children’s songs and Christmas music. Everyone is sure to find a wide variety of favorite music. The songs are listed in alphabetical order and are rated by difficulty.

You are able to purchase the decals and then have access to a limited number of songs for free on the site or in the app, but it is a much better deal to sign up for a membership and have access to all of the songs that Ivoreez offers, and the new ones that are being added all the time. This gives you unlimited 24/7 access to all songs, along with video tutorials and copyright protection for videos uploaded to YouTube. If you pay for a year at a time, the rate per month is drastically reduced. Even the monthly subscription rate costs less than one half hour of piano lessons. And your entire family has access to the music database and videos, so all of the children and adults in your household can play the piano for one low price.
If you and your children want to play the piano but get discouraged by the amount of time and practice that it takes to learn contemporary songs, try Ivoreez. It is a simple, cost-effective way to bring music into your home and to encourage your children to learn more music. And it can make you feel like a maestro in one simple afternoon!
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