Heart Felt Bamboo Mama Cloths – Menstrual Underwear

Bamboo Mama Cloths



I generally try to stay away from sensitive topics on my blog but this is one topic I have not stayed away from.  I totally made the switch to Bamboo Mama Cloths – Menstrual Underwear a while ago.  And this is the latest brand I am trying by Heart Felt.  First I will tell you I made my own.  They came out great and I did use quality materials but it took hours for me to make 8.  I don’t have that kind of time on a regular basis.  So then I started trying other brands.


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I was skeptical for a long time but suffered from reactions to disposable pads.  I dreaded this time every month because of the side effects from disposables.  I put off making the transition far too long because I thought the reusable pads would be difficult to use at work, beach, on the road or anywhere other than home.  But nope – it is no more difficult than disposables  and other than me announcing it on my blog to the world – no one knows anything different.


What are the benefits of making the switch to Heartfelt Reusable Mama Cloths?  

One time investment – I no longer have to spend a bunch of money every month.  This is very cool because no one LOVES shelling out money for their monthly supplies.

Safer for the environment

Healthier for you – I am allergic to just about everything it seems and these are the perfect solution

Much more comfortable than anything disposable

The outer layer is waterproof

Attractive patterns

And this last one will shock you – far more absorbent than disposable.  This made me extremely nervous but I kid you not when I tell you they work so much better!  The Charcoal is super absorbent and neutralizes odor plus the dark color is very forgiving of stains

They fold right up and snap closed to remain discrete


Now how do you actually survive with reusable mama cloths?

First you carry them in some sort of a pouch in your purse.  For me I use two waterproof pouches – one for the clean ones and one for the used pads.  The waterproof pouch doesn’t need to be anything special – I purchased the three packs of reusable sandwich bags from Walmart – I think they were like $4.

Then when you go to the restroom you can simply hand wash the pad you are removing.  Even if it is just warm water at this point – clean it until the water runs clear.  If you do not discretely have access to a sink – then fold up and snap, place into your waterproof bag until you can hand wash them.  After washing, fold up and snap closed and place in waterproof bag.  When you get home at night just place the hand rinsed/washed pads into a  hosiery bag and wash in your regular washer cycle.  If you are like me there is always a ton of laundry to do.  Easy peasy.


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