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Personalogy Family Fun Party Game

Personalogy Family Fun Party Game



This New Travel Game Helps People Get to Know Each Other Better…and Quickly!


Two entrepreneurially-minded women have created a fun and addictive card game that dramatically increases the speed at how well people get to know each other.  Beginning in 2000, Michelle Burke, a corporate trainer, was speaking to 300 Microsoft employees from all over the world and needed a breakthrough way to get them fully engaged and involved. She discovered what worked best was asking critical work life questions that challenged people to come up with solutions that allowed others to chime in and contribute to a conversation. This would ultimately reveal many different ways to handle the situation.


For example: “If your boss is continually taking credit for your work, what would you do and why?”


Michelle then met with Lilamani de Silva, a biochemist and a former UK assistant television producer. On two different continents they saw the same phenomenon.  In restaurants, bars, and other gathering places, people had their eyes and their attention buried in their phones, iPads, and other electronic devices. They were not engaging with those around them.


So the idea evolved and they created and published their first game called Personalogy: The Original Party Edition, around Thanksgiving 2013.


Personalogy comes in two editions. One is for adults and is an absurdly provocative fun situation card game for thinking people. The other is the Family Fun Edition; it’s the laugh-out-loud discovery game for the whole family.





Each game consists of over 100 topical and intriguing questions, each with multiple-choice answers.




Players are challenged to guess what answer their opponent will most likely select and why. Questions cover everything from lifestyle, pop culture, psychobabble, to sports and dating.


Playing often turns into a laugh-out-loud experience.




This is the perfect game for our long weekend trips, every weekend.  We have done that trip so many times and it can be incredibly boring – but now this game fits into a pocket and can be taken anywhere.  We have the family fun version and take it with us everywhere we go.  We used to play a game – would you rather do this or would you rather do that.  This is even more fun than that.  It is helpful that it is multiple choice because I have an autistic son who can’t always use his imagination enough to answer other types of questions.  But multiple choice makes answers more concrete for him.  This game is alot of fun and retails for $20 on Amazon.


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