S.O.S. Soap Filled Reusable Non-Scratch Scrubbers

SOS Reusable Soap Filled Non Scratch Scrubbers

S.O.S. Soap Filled Reusable Non Scratch Scrubbers

I have been using S.O.S. dish scrubbers for years, and even my mom used them before I had to wash my own dishes. I remember her telling me that I was never supposed to use a steel wool scrub on any non-stick, or Teflon pan, which I use a lot – more often than any other pan. So, when it came to my non-stick pans, I had to use dish rags or some other sponge alternative, because I knew the steel wool of normal S.O.S. dish pads, while extremely effective at cleaning other cookware and dishes, wasn’t going to cut it for my more sensitive dishes. Honestly, nothing worked well. I had to scrub, and scrub, and scrub with these too-soft, ineffective things to even get the dish part of the way clean. It was a nightmare.

That was until I heard about the S.O.S. Soap Filled Reusable Non Scratch Scrubbers.




Doing dishes is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be quite as hard. The S.O.S. Non Scratch Scrubbers are just the thing to get that stubborn, stuck on food off of my non-stick pans. Now, I’ve got the same trusted cleaning power I’ve always expected from S.O.S. brand scrubbers, but the gentle touch needed to not ruin my pans. Somehow, they’ve managed to put together the perfect blend of synthetic fibers to make the scrubbers clean dishes perfectly without scratching and ruining the surface.

Teflon, especially, can be tricky, because you don’t want to accidentally eat the stuff, but even my most horribly burned-on messes (and, trust me, there are a lot of those in my kitchen) come off with just a little elbow grease when I’m using these scrubbers. I think the best part about it all, though, is that I still don’t have to use the soap separately. I just have to wet the brush and start scrubbing, and the dishes get cleaned in no time.




I still wish the scrubs lasted longer than they do, but I’m the type of person who throws away normal sponges after not that long, anyway, due to germ build up. It would just be so much more convenient if the soap never ran out!

All in all, the S.O.S. Non Scratch Scrubbers are incredibly handy, and I always have them in my kitchen.


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