Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale

Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale


Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale


I actually have two of these scales – one I was sent to review but then the other I went and purchased.  That is just how much I love this scale.  It has a widescreen LCD that makes it really easy to read at any time of day.  There are 4 precision sensors that allow weighing up to 400 pounds in .2 pound increments.  Now that may seem like more than most people need but funny thing is – I do need that.  I have a very sick English Mastiff who should weight at least 180 but is sick so she hovers around 120.  If she starts to weigh less than that – away to the vet we go.  The only way I can weigh her is to weigh myself first, then pick her up and weigh us together – her weight is the difference.  Not the easiest way to weigh a dog but it works and we need to do it.


This scale has step on technology which is very helpful all the time but particularly helpful when I have 120 – 180 pound dog in my arms.  I can’t hold her for long – I need to step on and get a weight in a couple seconds.  The platform is large so even when I have my dog in my arms I can still see the weight and the glass doesn’t break with the two of us on it.  It also can easily switch between pounds and kg if you would rather have measurements in kg.


I received the black one to review but I also purchased the white one.


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