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Professional Tweezers



Love It! Professional Tweezers 


I use tweezers for absolutely everything I can think of.  For years I chewed my fingernails so they were necessary when I didn’t have nails (or teeth) to do something.  But I no longer chew my nails and still use tweezers for so much.


Even today – I used them for some jewelry repair, to open a charging port on some bluetooth headphones, to get something really small out of the vacuum cleaner…  And yes of course for your traditional use of tweezers.  This set has three different tweezers – something or just about every need I may have.




Right now I am also using tweezers for my dog’s medicine.  It is a very rare medication that humans cannot touch with their skin.  If we do it will depress our immune system.  I had been using rubber gloves to handle the medicine but then I really couldn’t do as much as I wanted to easily.  I take these tweezers, grab one of the pills and push it into a pill pocket.  My fingers don’t touch the pill and I don’t need rubber gloves.


So if you have anything where you fingers are too large or your fingers just aren’t going to get the job done – these tweezers will get it done!  Think about it… Splinters, threading needles, stamp collecting, untangling necklaces, loosening shoelaces, removing ticks and so much more.




This set comes in its own leather carrying pouch and each pair of tweezers has a plastic piece protecting you from getting jabbed – been there done that and don’t want it to happen again.


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