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When making the choice to move into a healthier lifestyle, whether by choice, or for medical necessity, two topics are at the forefront of the change…workout and diet. With this in mind people tend to forget how much your diet actually plays a role in your weight loss, and health goals. No matter if it is to loss those stubborn pounds, do a complete transformation, or something like lowering your blood pressure. Your diet is actually proven to hold much more value on these results. 80 percent to be exact, and yes you read that correctly. 80 percent of your focus should actually be on your diet, not on your workout regimen. This is why so many people have such a hard time getting to their health oriented goals.




They will spend hours upon hours at the gym but never change what they are putting into their bodies on a daily basis. In other words, you can do two hours at the gym every day of extreme cardio and weight training but if after that work out you are still running to the nearest fast food joint for a large combo meal with two apple pies and an ice cream, you are really just maintaining your current weight, not loosing anything. So the next question is normally, “where do I start?” Most doctors and dietitians will tell you the same thing, portioning. It is a fact that American portions are several sizes larger than any other countries.




We are simply over doing what we intake. Going from what we need, to complete indulgence. Now I know portioning is not easy to start and most people will need help. But don’t you worry; Ultimate54 has the perfect product for you, their Digital Food Scale. Ultimate54’s Digital Food Scale measures in grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms from 1g-10,000g (.03 ounces to 22 pounds).




You will be able to tell your weights easily on the bright LCD display. All you have to do is put in two AAA batteries, place your food of choice on the high-class raised glass scale, and you are all set to go! Get healthy with class. Ultimate54’s Digital Food Scale is the perfect addition to each and every kitchen. You will never have to worry about fumbling around another heavy and unsightly food scale when you are having over guests. Instead you can smile and be proud, showing off the fact that you have made the healthy choice.


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