Touch Screen Cleaner by #iScreenClean

Touch Screen Cleaner by iScreenClean


i-Screen Clean 3-Pack Touchscreen Cleaner

The i-Screen Clean 3-Pack Touchscreen Cleaner is an alternative kind of touchscreen cleaner. No longer do you need to spray or wipe your devices with a liquid type cleaner. It removes marks, smudges, dust and fingerprints without scrubbing. It fits neatly into any bag, backpack or purse for those emergency cleaning.

In the 3-Pack you get two small size balls for cleaning smartphones and one large size ball for tablets and laptops. Each ball features a microfiber side and a terry cloth side which is to remove all the annoying stuff that accumulates on the screen. The microfiber material is used to remove the stubborn marks, while the terry cloth side removes the fingerprints, smudges and dust.


Key Features of the i-Screen Clean 3-Pack Touchscreen Cleaner

● Pack contains two sizes, large and small

● Two sided cleaner; terry cloth and microfiber

● Does not use chemical liquid cleaners

● Safely cleans all touchscreens; smartphones, tablets and laptops

● Loosen stubborn marks, fingerprints and dust without scrubbing

● Portable size, fits inside your bag, backpack or purse



One of the most annoying parts of owning a tablet has to be keeping the screen clean. With all the constant tapping and swiping on the touchscreen throughout the day it builds up quite a lot of smudges. After a while it gets really hard to see what is on the screen.


My first thought was to go the store a pickup whatever I could find that claimed to be able to keep it clean. Unfortunately, most of them were all the same, spray a cleaner and wipe it dry or use a wipe that is soaked in a cleaner. This got pretty messy at times and I really did not like the idea of spraying some liquid all over my tablet.


I decided to do some checking online and I found the i-Screen Clean 3-Pack Touchscreen Cleaner. It promised to clean my tablet screen without having to use any nasty chemical cleaners. The 3-Pack Touchscreen Cleaner is much different from anything I have used in the past.


They have two different materials on each side, terry cloth and microfiber. The terry cloth side is for removing the annoying fingerprints, smudges and dust. The microfiber side is used to remove the stubborn marks that are often difficult to get rid of.


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