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Love to Coupon? Then You Need To Join Clipix! @Clipix






Are you a couponer?  A die hard couponer or a casual user?  Either way – your cost savings measures can benefit through  I know my couponing effort would not be complete without Clipix.
I am sure that many of you are like me. Before I discovered Clipix, when I was see browsing things online, and I found a coupon I wanted to save, I literally took a screen shot to save it. But then did not know where to store it. Afterwards, when I needed it, finding it was always a problem. With Clipix, the possibilities are endless because I can organize everything I find, anytime online. I no longer need to keep it as an image on my phone or anywhere else. These clips that I save are placed onto clipboards which can be kept private or shared with friends and family. I can even set up a sync board with another couponer, and we can easily share our resources just between the two of us. But Clipix is not just for coupons. I setup personal clipboards for everything I want to save – technology, recipes, great deals etc…


Here are “5” reasons why every couponer needs a Clipix account

• Keep all of your online coupons in one location for easy access
• Manage In-Store discounts – upload an in-store coupon from your mobile device
• Save money using the Price Drop Alert feature – receive an email notification once an item reaches your desired price goal
• Add promotional emails – ‘clip’ and archive emails from any of your email accounts
• Create multiple boards for extra organization – group couponing clipboards together (food, clothing, and home essentials)

Clipix offers so much more than other online clipboard sites. It is also perfect for holiday shopping – I can save clips of my favorite items for gift giving and I don’t need to worry about the recipient potentially seeing them. This is a very unique feature and I love it.

This article is written in cooperation with Clipix but the opinion is purely my own.

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