Reusable Bottle Packer Protector – Wine, Olive Oil, Vinegar #bottlepacker

Reusable Bottle Packer


Reusable Bottle Packer Protector

The Reusable Bottle Packer Protector is an ingenious solution to the surprise of wet luggage or backseat from a broken wine bottle. It slips over the top of any wine or liquor bottle up to a quart and keeps it protected. It is constructed from all high quality material and features a unique design on the outside.

The Bottle Packer Protector bag uses a triple layer design including a durable, plastic outer cover and a bubble wrap inner layer. It features a ziplock style seal, with a velcro closure to keep any liquid from escaping just in case the bottle somehow breaks.


Benefits of using a Reusable Bottle Packer Protector

● Triple layer protection with a strong plastic outer layer

● Inner layer consists of tiny bubble wrap

● Has a tapered end that slips over the neck of the bottle

● Fits over any wine or liquor bottle up to one quart

● Ziplock and velcro closure will hold in any liquid


Bottle Packer


There is nothing I hate more than buying a nice bottle of wine to have with a special dinner only to find that the bottle broke and spilled in the back of my car. I cannot even count on one hand the number of times it has happened me, regardless of how careful I thought I was being. I have tried many different things and was about to give up, when a friend told me about something they found online. It was called the Reusable Bottle Packer Protector from Genevieve Avani.


My friend told me that it was the most amazing product that they have ever seen and I just had to try it for myself. I found it on and immediately ordered it, while $20 seemed to be a bit much, if it helps me to keep my wine purchases safe, it would be well worth it. The concept is quite simple, it is a multiple layer bag including a layer of bubble wrap and a ziplock closure.


I decided to give it a try when I was planning on picking up a couple of bottles of wine for a small get together with a few close friends. The Reusable Bottle Packer Protector comes in a 3-pack and that was perfect for what I was needing. After buying the two bottles of wine, I pulled out my protectors and slipped them over the top of each bottle and closed the ziplock bag.


I placed all of purchases into my car including the two bottles of wine. I am happy to report that both bottles survived the trip home and we were able to enjoy them.

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