The Best Car Seat – Britax Frontier Clicktight Car Seat – Reliable and Safe

Britax Frontier Clicktight Metro

Britax Frontier Clicktight Car Seat, Metro


The Frontier Clicktight Car Seat, Metro is part of new Combination Harness-2-booster Seats from Britax. These car seats are designed to grow with your child and provide them unequaled safety and protection from crashes. Once it is locked in place in the back seat of any vehicle, it will stay in place, even if there is crash.




The Frontiers unique nine position harness will literally grow with your child as they get bigger and taller. Once they get too big, the harness is removable and it will convert into a booster seat. Your child deserves the best car seat and will continue to be protected with the double layer, side-impact system and steel reinforced frame.




The Britax Frontier Car Seat is designed for kids 2 years old and 25 pounds (25 lbs.) all the way up to 90 pounds (90 lbs).  This makes it perfectly suited for even the newest car seat safety recommendations, which calls for all children under 4 feet 9 inches be securely fastened into a booster seat. They also say, that kids between 8 and 12 years of age should still be using a booster seat to ensure adequate protection from a crash.


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Advantages of the Britax Frontier Clicktight Car Seat, Metro


  • Steel reinforced framework for extra strength and safety
  • Converts from car seat to booster seat as your child grows
  • Clicktight system ensures a proper and secure installation
  • Extra side impact protection when it is needed the most
  • Seat cover is removable for ease of washing
  • V-shaped tether to prevent it from twisting during impact


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Disadvantages of the Britax Frontier Clicktight Car Seat, Metro


  • Seat cover cannot be machine washed and dried
  • Recline cannot be reset once it is installed


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What makes it stand out against other safety seats on the market?


Britax is the only car seat manufacturer that offers the highest level of crash protection they call the SafeCell Impact System. This system combines four individual components that when put together form the basis for the safest car seat on the market. Here is a brief description of the four main components of the SafeCell Impact System:


Impact Absorbing Base – The base will compress to dissipate the energy during a crash to prevent forward movement and avoid contact with the front seats.


Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame – The structure of the car seat is formed around a rigid steel frame to prevent twisting during a crash and to ensure that it is securely attached to the car.


Impact Absorbing Tether – The tether attaches securely to the back of the car seat and hooks to the anchor that has become a standard feature of today’s vehicles.  In the event of a severe crash, the top tether reduces the G-Force effects (forces acting on a body as a result of acceleration) on the child’s head and body during frontal or rear-end collision.  The top tether can prevent the movement of a child’s head, better known as “head excursion” up to 6-8 inches in a crash.  Before using your top tether, be sure to check your vehicle user’s manual to see if it has any weight limit restrictions.


Impact Absorbing Harness – The multi-point harness features two highly padded shoulder straps which clip together at the chest and then clip into the waist strap to keep your child comfortable and securely held in.




What are people saying about it?


One of the reviewers said “They really love it, because once it is latched in place, it does not move.”


The durability of the Britax Frontier is apparent to us when we were able to use it with all three of our kids.


Several reviewers thought that it was the easiest car seat to install that have owned. The metro color scheme fits great with most any interior, but is best if you have a black or charcoal gray interior.




I was looking for a new car seat for my grandson – we have four generations living in our house – my inlaws, my husband and I, 3 of our 5 children, our daughter’s boyfriend and their son.  We needed a new car seat badly!   I did a lot of reading online about car seats in order to be able to make an informed decision on which one to buy for my grandson. I was able to narrow down my search to the Britax Frontier Clicktight Car Seat, Metro.


I found several review websites that had many reviews from customers that purchased the Frontier and it received quite few four and five star ratings. I was pretty confident that I was making the right decision for my friend and her child. One of the things that I really liked in particular with the Britax Frontier Clicktight Car Seat is that it converts into a booster seat, this means we will not have buy a separate booster seat for our grandson as he grows.


Britax designed the Frontier Clicktight with child safety and comfort of the child sitting in it. It has a two layer protection which adds an extra amount of side-impact protection in case of a crash. The multi-point harness features padding on each of the shoulder straps and at the waist to prevent serious pelvic injuries.


I could not wait to get it installed in our car so we could feel more secure that our grandson would be safe. We followed the directions inside the box and got it all strapped in correctly. We learned that we could take it to our local fire station to have them check to be sure it was installed properly. They checked it out and confirmed that we had it installed correctly.


The last thing to do was to try it out with our grandson and see if it was as comfortable as we expected it to be. After securing him with the harness, we headed out to go shopping and he was happy happy happy.




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