MonsterGrind Herb and Spice Grinder #GrindWithMG

MonsterGRIND Herb and Spice Grinder

MonsterGrind Herb and Spice Grinder 


With the weather turning colder it is going to be harder and harder for the spice and herb gurus of the word to get their products at the store so more often than not people will turn to home growing and drying or ordering dried herbs and spices. This in turn will bring up the requirement of grinding the products on your own and it seems that the market is full of inferior products that do nothing but mush up your plants. Do not worry though because I am here to take the guesswork and trials out of the process for you. MonsterGRIND makes a top quality product that you will never want to give up and all your friends and family will envy over. I am talking about their Ultra premium 4 Piece 2.5 Inch Herb and Spice Grinder. MonsterGRIND uses nothing but premium quality parts in their grinder.




It is made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rod with nothing but High Precision Machining Technology. You also will never have to worry about your lid coming off like lesser products due to having Neodymium Magnets. Which means no matter how clumsy you are or the situation, thru drops and fumbling fingers you will not loose any of your hard earned herbs and spices. Getting down to the nitty gritty of a grinder lets talk about the grinding experience. This grinder has 28 razor sharp, diamond sharp teeth that will get your herbs and spices to the perfect consistency every time.




Not to mention the precision glide poly rings that will make the process quick and effortless. The four chambers also allow you to collect every fine piece for use no matter how small. Even the powders will be at your disposal due to the 100-micron mesh screen at the bottom. This is an on-the-go grinder that you can take everywhere. So compact that you can fit it in your pocket or purse, what to make it a little smaller for those tighter more styled jeans.




No problem. Take out the middle chamber and screw it back together. It is that easy to convert. Another problem that seems to come up with grinders is cleaning. That is no longer a problem with a MonsterGRIND product. They include a blade cleaner with every purchase to make your grinder last as long as you want it to. As an added bonus you will get a handy carrying case to keep your grinder safe and secure no matter how you choose to transport it. All in all MonsterGRIND provides a top of the line product that you will fall in love with with the first twist of your wrist.


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