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iPhone 6 SPORTS Armband by CellPro #cellproplus

IPhone 6 SPORTS Armband


IPhone 6 SPORTS Armband

The iPhone 6 SPORTS Armband is the a must have accessory for iPhone users that enjoy listening to music as they workout. It is designed especially for the latest Apple iPhones that were recently released. It is held securely in place on your bicep, which makes it easier to workout and it is made to fit a wide range of wearers with it’s highly adjustable armband.

It is constructed out of a durable, sweat and water resistant neoprene rubber to keep your iPhone 6 safe as you are working out. It features a large, 4.7-inch window that allows you full access to touchscreen, it also has two hidden slots inside where you stash your I.D. and credit card, just in case an emergency arises.

The adjustable strap with Velcro closure helps to keep the armband in place. The strap can be used in one of two positions depending on how large your arm is. The first configuration is for people with 8” to 11.5” and the second is from 11.5” to 16” in diameter.

Benefits of choosing the iPhone 6 Sports Armband

● Two unique Velcro strap configurations

● Large 4.7” window opening

● Fits the Apple iPhone 6 perfectly

● Has two hidden card slots

● Made from lightweight Neoprene rubber



I find it difficult to get much of a workout in unless I am able to listen to my music at the same time. Unfortunately, it is difficult to do much of anything while I am trying to hold my phone while exercising. I have tried putting my phone in my pocket, but my new iPhone 6 is a bit large for my pocket of my shorts.


I have seen other people carrying their phone strapped to their arm and I figured I might just try it. I did not realize that how difficult it would be to find the right size armband that fits with the iPhone 6. I finally found one online at The iPhone 6 SPORTS Armband is exactly what I was looking for and I ordered one.


My arms are a little on the chunky side and that makes it a bit difficult to get armbands to stay on, but the adjustable Velcro strap works beautifully. I stays in place without it being irritating to my skin.


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  • Deb E

    These are pretty affordable and I like all the storage. I just received a pink (for Breast Cancer Awareness Month) Armpocket armband and I love it. Mainly because it’s pink, but it also has lots of storage too and reviews say it keep the moisture out. I had a generic one that was not as nice so really liking the upgrade.

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