The Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo #ecologyworks

The Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo


Trusted since 1995, Ecology works is the best line of defense against dust mite allergens along with other allergens.  The Ecology Works company offers plant-based products for people who have breathing problems and asthma.  The Ecology Works is fully committed to protecting the environment and creating all natural alternatives to products that use harsh and harmful ingredients while making products that truly work.


Does your pet seem to have sensitive skin and react negatively to dust mite allergens?  If so, then  this is the product for you!  Ecology works Anti Allergen pet shampoo is formulated to help your pet with their sensitivity to these allergies and help with the discomfort.  It works by neutralizing the proteins to help reduce the irritation and discomfort your pet feels while helping battle the skin irritation itself. This shampoo also helps people who are allergic to their pets by making the pet dander harmless.  This product is non-toxic, and uses a plant and mineral based formula.  It helps control ticks and fleas; while cleaning and conditioning your pet’s fur.


Our English Mastiff has very sensitive skin.  She suffers from so many issues at the moment and the medication definitely creates some skin issues.  Due to her sensitivities we have turned to this shampoo and she is doing so much better.  Her skin looks pretty normal at the moment and she is no longer itching and biting.


I would recommend this product to pet lovers who are looking for a eco-friendly and all natural alternative to their pet shampoo.  Rather than using products with harsh chemicals that take forever to see results;  you could be using a product that is guaranteed to work and is great for your pet’s skin.  Instant allergen relief will be at your fingertips!  Your pet will thank you as will your environment.


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