Murbles Family Outdoor Game #Murbles

Murbles Family Outdoor Game

Families are always in the constant struggle of finding an outdoor game that everyone can play and will enjoy. We all have been in the family game night fight of, “no I do not like that game. I want to play this one!” Not to mention most games get boring after just an hour if not earlier because you are doing the same thing over and over. The struggle is now over! Lets play a game of Murbles!


I know your first question is going to be…what are Murbles? Valid question of course. Murbles is the latest addition to outdoor sports. The object of the game is very simple and the best part is it requires no more set up than throwing a white ball at least three feet from you. This is called the point ball.


From that point everyone that is playing picks a set of ball colors. (These colors can be special ordered so everyone in the family has their favorite color.) Another great part of this game is everyone has the chance to win no matter your age or skill level on other types of throwing games. Once your point ball is thrown you simply take turns with your throws. Gaining points is a easy as being the closest ball to the point ball. And do not worry, if you have any questions on how to calculate points all the information is on the back of the Murbles carrying bag as well as a more detailed description on the game sheet that comes with every purchase.





Want more of a challenge than simple playing in your back yard on flat ground, no worries. Bag up your Murbles and head on the road, find a nice piece of uneven ground and start the game. You can take Murbles with you everywhere. Bring them to the beach, camping, to a tailgate party, family get together, bon fire, anywhere that strikes your fancy to have some fun. As another bonus to this already fantastic game each purchase has a 20 year product guarantee.


You will never get that with a board game. What about if you lose a ball or misplace your bag? Again this is no problem. Simply give the replacement number a call and let them know what you need. It will be on the way to complete your set as soon as you hang up the phone. If you are planning a big even and want to play with more than 2 to 4 people Murbles even have sets for 8 and 16 players. So get your fun on today and order your Murbles today!


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