YOMO Shoe Bag #yomoshoebag

Yomo Shoe Bag


Traveling on vacation or a business trip? Just running out of space in your closet and shoe rack? Too many shoes to keep track of the pair? If you answered yes to any of these questions then check out the YOMO shoe bag! They are made of high-quality fashionable canvas and the thickness ensures no wear and tear. This bag is ideal for travelers. It keeps your shoes clean and in the same condition throughout your trip! You can even use them to modernize and organize your closet. They are guaranteed to give your closet a chic and modern look without breaking your bank. If you are gift giving to a shoe lover- use a YOMO shoe bag! They are a high-end product that is sure to make a statement. These bags have a view window so you can see exactly what shoe is inside without having to open the drawstring up at all. When you purchase this product you receive 2 bags in either a brown or natural color.They are backed by a lifetime guarantee and are a totally risk free buy!


I have an abundance of shoes and am always getting upset when they clutter up my closet or get dusty and gross. My boyfriend constantly had to explain why no matter where our guests where they found some shoes. I refused to give any of them up but couldn’t find an easy solution to my shoe clutter problem. Then this product popped up on my amazon account recommended section. I checked them out and decided to give them a try. I fell in love! My closet looks cleaner and my boyfriend is ecstatic that he doesn’t have to explain why i had shoes everywhere to all our friends and family. They are all now nicely placed in a closet either on shelves, hung up, or lined along the floor. I can find both shoes in seconds and don’t have to open anything to see what shoes i am looking for.



This product is definitely for any of you who are or know a shoe fanatic! It will help clarify their shoe issues and create a happy home for everyone! No more extensive clutter or looking for that matching shoe when you’re in a rush. This product is truly a lifesaver.


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