Qurbshot To Help Curb Hunger! #qurbshot



Qurbshot is this innovative new product specifically designed to curb hunger.  How does it do it?  Through this “shot” style bottle with this amazing liquid – simply drink half the bottle or a full bottle before or with meals to help curb your appetite.  You can take up to 2 bottles per day.




What does Qurbshot do?  It contains all the things you would look for in order to decrease appetite and lose weight.

• 10g of fiber
• 400mg Green coffee bean extract
• 100%- B6 and B12 Vitamins
• Energy boost*
• Only 20 Calories – all from fiber
• Sweetened with all-natural Stevia!
• No artificial colors
• Gluten-free




I have been using Qurbshot for about a week and so far it has been working great.  My breakfasts are easily half what they used to be; very little snacking in between meals – just the healthy stuff and the elimination of soda through a switch to seltzer water with flavoring.


Increasing exercise is a little more difficult but other than blogging and my day job – I am almost never sitting down.  I may not be on a treadmill but believe me, my life is a treadmill.  Kids, dogs, horses, grandson and life – non stop activity.


The Qurbshots themselves are only 20 calories each and actually taste pretty decent.  Definitely not a problem to drink and enjoy.  The directions are quite simple – “Shake well before use. For appetite suppression take one full bottle with meals or whenever you want to curb those cravings. Each bottle of Qurb contains exactly 400mg of Svetol. For best results you should take 200mg in the morning and 200mg in the afternoon. For extra support take one bottle in the morning and one in the afternoon. ”


I will continue to take Qurbshot and I will followup later in a few weeks – I expect awesome results.  The days are less food driven and much more health driven.  I feel like I have been freed!


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