Geo KUFFS by Kuffix #kuffixfashion

Geo KUFFS by Kuffix



Geo KUFFS by Kuffix

I am constantly embellishing my kids clothing.  One of my favorite things (and theirs) to do is to add cuffs on the bottom of the pants or on the bottom of the shirts and sleeves.  It can easily turn a drab article of clothing into something a whole lot more exciting.


But what about when you aren’t wearing that article of clothing?  How else can you snazz it up?  With Geo KUFFS by Kuffix of course!  Although my photo includes my daughter with pants in the photo – Geo KUFFS look best if you are in shorts or a bathing suit.  They are like anklets – sort of but fabric.




They are simply fabric bands with velcro closures and they are available in so many designs.  This style – Geo – can be worn with the design on the outside or a solid color on the outside.  They are completely reversible.


These KUFFS can be worn around the ankle or around the wrists – and reversible.  So you can get four different effects with each set.


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