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Avasia Prenatal DHA



My daughter is pregnant and due any day with her second child.  She does plan to breastfeed and DHA is so incredibly important for her health as well as her baby’s.  This Prenatal DHA has Mega 325mg of DHA.  The recommended daily allowance is complete in just one easy to swallow softgel with a very mild lemon flavor which has been purified to eliminate mercury and is made in the USA.

It is recommended that women take 300mg/day of DHA during pregnancy, and that all adults have an intake of 650mg of omega 3 each day.  This Prenatal DHA, has a total of 820mg omega-3 fatty acids and it can be taken by anyone, anyday even though it is marketing as prenatal.

Of the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA is particularly important during pregnancy because it accumulates in the brain and retina (eye) of developing babies and is considered key to ensuring the proper development of both.  There are some studies that suggest that EPA (430mg/softgel) can slightly lengthen the gestation time of pregnancy, and may assist in mood control thus reducing the risk of post partum depression.  At the other end of life, omega-3 is credited with many benefits, not least joint mobility.

By continuing to take at least 300mg of DHA per day whilst breastfeeding, this provides the same levels of DHA in the breast milk that a baby would get if it was fed with DHA enhanced formula milk. This is relevant because some studies have shown better mental performance and hand-eye co-ordination when DHA enhanced infant formula is given, compared to infant formula without DHA.

DHA is not necessarily found in many prenatal vitamins and not in the quantities recommended.  My daughter feels much more comfortable relying on this Avasia Prenatal DHA.  It is high quality and since she will be breastfeeding this time around she wants to take every step necessary to make sure everything for her baby is as perfect as she can make it.


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