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Cellulite Reduction Massage Mitt #NicolaDiLucca

Cellulite Reduction Massage Mitt


Cottage cheese skin. Hail damage. The Mattress Phenomenon. Regardless of the slang used to describe it, the unsightly dimpling of fat deposits under one’s skin is a problem for both celebrities and normal ladies all over the world. In fact, dermatologists estimate cellulite affects around 90% of all females at some point in their lives. This is precisely why there have come to exist so many supplements, treatments, and products that claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite on those particularly fatty areas of the body.

The Nicola DiLucca cellulite massager brush can smooth out the appearance of cellulite without ever requiring someone to go under the knife or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive dietary supplements. It is even effective on notorious trouble spots like the thighs and buttocks. Plus, the brush exfoliates and tones skin while improving circulation. The science behind seeing such improvements actually has to do with the fact that therapeutic massage increases blood flow and promotes lymphatic drainage. The act of brushing or massaging an area, usually in a circular motion, helps break down fatty tissues and send those cells out of the body through elimination channels. Accumulated toxins are sent packing as well.


Cellulite Reduction Massage Mitt Handle


The Nicola DiLucca cellulite massager mitt is best used in conjunction with your favorite body oil or skin lotion. Simply apply the lotion or oil of your choice to the area needing improvement. Then, massage the area for up to five minutes. Continue on to other areas where cellulite is a problem and repeat the process. Finally, enjoy a hot shower or bath to remove excess oils and encourage further lymphatic drainage.

Another added bonus of the Nicola DiLucca cellulite massager mitt is that it comes bundled with a step-by-step instructional video and e-book companion. These tools, produced by a practicing massage therapist, expertly explain the science behind recommended massage techniques and offer extra tips on cellulite reduction. Essentially, it takes just minutes a day to use both the instructional materials and the brush itself in the pursuit of smoother, more radiant skin. There is nothing to lose in purchasing the Nicola DiLucca cellulite massager either. The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

You deserve to feel your best and wear that favorite pair of shorts without feeling self-conscious. The cellulite massager mitt from Nicola DiLucca can give you the results you desire in just a few short weeks. Add it to your personal care routine. The benefits of therapeutic massage can be at your fingertips in no time at all.


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