Party Snow Fun – Playing With “Snow” Indoors #PartySnow

Party Snow Fun


This product is amazing.  Party Snow is fake snow that feels like real, cool, fluffy white snow. Just add water and watch it grow…and grow…and grow.  I had to keep getting more and more buckets.  This makes for a great stocking stuffer.  It starts out as snow in a small package then it grows to up to 100x its initial size.  That initial small pack easily makes 2-3 gallons of snow to keep the kids occupied for a long time.


Just starting with party snow fun
Party Snow is also home, garden & pet friendly. It shouldn’t be swallowed – but it is non-toxic and safe for children. If swallowed – just have them drink lots of water.


All smiles


Today was a nice rainy day – no snow outside yet.  I was looking for something to occupy the kids and Party Snow was the perfect solution.  There was no waiting – as soon as the water is added it grows and grows.  I laid an old tablecloth on the floor and let the kids play.  They were eventually soaked after playing for about an hour.  And one thing to keep in mind is that it makes your floors very slippery – my grandson could no longer walk on the floor.  But the fun?  Lots and lots of fun.  It is not exactly like a snow consistency – I have to assume the ingredients are similar to the inside of a baby diaper.  My grandson had a blast with it but the first couple times he touched it he kept gagging.  I am not quite sure why but something about the feel of it made him gag.  But he kept coming back for more and eventually was practically sitting in the buckets for his fun.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it when they were done – Could it be stored for later use?  In the end I decided not to save it.  It is well worth purchasing – the kids had a great time and it was pretty easy to clean up.


Diving in


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