Eclipse Pomegranate and Acai Face & Body Cream #EclipsePomegranateandAcaiFaceBodyCream

Eclipse Pomegranate and Acai Face & Body Cream


Imagine waking up to beautiful skin each and every morning. You’d always feel like you woke up on the right side of the bed. You’d be brimming with confidence in any social situation. Does this scenario sound too good to be true? It is definitely a possibility for those who use the right moisturizer on a regular basis. The Eclipse Pomegranate Acai Face & Body Cream contains a unique combination of natural ingredients that most anyone would feel good about applying to skin and hands. Plus, the shea butter based product spreads on with a luxurious texture and invigorates the senses, thanks to the aromatic nature of the pomegranate extract ingredient.




As far as the cream’s restorative properties are concerned, the pomegranate extract in the formula can actually combat sun damage, encourage skin regeneration and minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots. The aloe barbadensis leaf juice and sweet almond oil components help skin de-stress by reducing inflammation and promoting cellular healing.  These natural ingredients can even help folks who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. The aforementioned ingredients, along with others like avocado oil and pumpkin seed oil, contain innumerable vitamins and minerals that aid in skin renewal. Essentially, each dab of cream from the 4 ounce tub of Eclipse moisturizer packs a powerful punch of antioxidants and nourishment.

The Eclipse Pomegranate Acai Face & Body Cream has a gel-like consistency, not quite as heavy as typical body butters. With this thickness though, the cream is easily spread and absorbed. Once applied, Eclipse will not leave you feeling greasy or oily either. The slightly exotic and tropical pomegranate scent lingers pleasantly for hours, and your skin will feel hydrated all day long.

Treat your skin to a blissful experience with the Eclipse Pomegranate Acai Face & Body Cream. The small amount of “me time” it takes to slather yourself with this product can really be beneficial for skin. Plus, a small amount of cream is all you need on each area. You won’t need to overdo it to feel and see the results.

Eclipse comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you try it without any risk. The cream is simply designed to satisfy. With numerous organic and natural ingredients, Eclipse could be that overall confidence boosting cosmetic you’ve been hoping to find. Every effective skin regimen includes a good moisturizer. The Eclipse formulation is a fantastic option to try as a part of a personal care routine.


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