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Logo Loops – Headbands Especially For Girls @logoloopsllc

Logo Loops Headbands Especially For Girls



Headbands are fast becoming the newest fashion trends for young girls these days. Whether they are for fad or function, there are companies jumping up and getting in on the action. One of those businesses is called Logo Loops, LLC and their product Logo Loops is a unique offering.




Each Logo Loop headband is made from a durable, stretchy and washable fabric that will stay in place and look great at the same time. What is so unique you ask? All of the designs are embroidered directly into the headband and will not simply wash off. Another unique feature of the Logo Loops is that you can choose from an assortment of standard design or go completely custom and come up with your own design.


They offer each headband in a variety of colors including; pastels, neutrals, jewels, tie dyes, deeps and brights.

6 Logo Loops

Key benefits of using Logo Loops

● Helps to keep your hair out of your eyes

● Stretchy material helps to keep it in place

● Embroidered designs won’t wash out

● Custom designs are accepted

● 26 different colors


DSC_3825-800x533 (1)


What exactly is a Logo Loop?  Every headband is made of 90% cotton and 10% Lycra for a snug fit, holding back those flyaway hairs. But be assured these stretchy accessories won’t cause a headache unlike stiff wire or plastic headbands.


Holiday banner


These 2 ¼” wide themed headbands are ideal for a round of tennis, bike riding or strolling the mall thanks to their absorbency. When bands get dirty, simply machine wash in cold water and toss in the dryer!


Barn Bum



Do you have an active daughter that loves to do things, but her hair gets in the way? We tried several different options and even considered getting her hair cut short, she was not too thrilled about that, so we kept looking for better alternatives and that is when we discovered Logo Loops. We were searching online and found this product that seemed to be perfect for our daughter.


Logo-Loops_Holiday three girls_WEB


Logo Loops are headbands made especially for girls/women to hold back their hair. What makes them unique is their look. They come in a wide range of colors and have unique designs on the front of them. These designs are embroidered and not simply screen printed on, which means they will not wash off after many washings.


Logo-Loops_Nutracker girl with doll_WEB


When placing your order you can choose from any of the stock designs or you can submit your own custom design. They specialize in doing logo’s for organizations and they also have established agreements with national organizations to do protected logo designs.


Logo-Loops_Snowman and PeaceHeartSanta with 2 girls_WEB


Our daughter is in love with horses and has been riding for 8 months now.  I see her most happiest when she is at the barn.  It is also the one place in the world where she seems to be accepted regardless of her special needs.  These Logo Loops Headbands allow her to share her passion with the world and express herself in a way that is unique.


Logo-Loops_Snowman white band with girl_WEB



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  • Deb E

    I love the two logo loops headbands I received. Both are of tie-dye fabric (my fave) and one is shells, the other has the peace, love, paw symbols. I have a small head but adults can wear them too! I wear them doing yoga mostly, to keep my hair out of my face.

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