Snuggie Keeps Us So Snuggly! @OriginalSnuggie

Snuggie Keeps Us So Snuggly!



It’s official – Cold weather has arrived and I don’t like it one bit.  Sure the kids love it and the snow and the Christmas holidays.  But cold…brrrrr – not for me.


Snuggie to keep you warm


I very seldom get a chance to sit and relax.  If I am sitting, chances are I am doing work from work, or blogging, or reading – but in any of those situations I need my hands.  The Snuggie is a blanket with sleeves so I can still do my work while also getting and staying warm at the same time.


The Snuggie is nice and long – my daughter uses it sometimes but she can’t stand up with it because it is far too long for that.  But I can stand up with my arms in it no problem.  The Snuggie is fleece that is nice and soft, has sleeves and pockets.




We have the Blue Plaid Snuggie and it is adult sized.  It is available in solid colors as well as patterns – they even have some novelty type designs.  For kids they have hooded blankets such as a duck, kitten, panda and puppy.


You can purchase Snuggies in their Snuggie Store or on Amazon.


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