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Embark Power 3-in-1 8000mAh USB Quick Charge Portable Battery Charger #poweron

Embark Power USB ChargerJump StarterFlashlight


Embark Power 3-in-1 8000mAh USB Quick

Charge Portable Battery Charger 


The Embark Power 3-in-1 8000mAh USB Quick-Charge Portable Battery Charger is one of the most versatile compact, portable battery charging system on the market. Compact enough to fit in a pocket, purse or glove box and still powerful enough to jumpstart the car. Charges quickly via the included USB cable.




The stylish, sturdy case trimmed in leather with a metallic trim and a large digital display is small enough to slip into a pocket or stored in its pouch in a glovebox. When fully charged it holds 8000mAh of power which can be used to fully charge all of your mobile devices using the supplied mini USB cable and jumpstart a dead car, motorcycle, or boat battery using the pair of smart jumper cables.




The smart jumper cables have several unique safety features built in which includes a reverse polarity, short circuit and overload alert. The battery clamps are designed to prevent sparking.





  • Powerful enough to jumpstart a standard car, motorcycle or marine battery
  • Versatile enough to charge most any mobile device; tablets, iPods and phones
  • Smart, spark-free battery clamps
  • Reverse polarity protection circuitry with audible alert
  • 3-way LED Flashlight; strobe, SOS and high beam




The Embark Power 3-in-1 8000mAh USB Quick-Charge Portable Battery Charger turned out to be the best purchase we have made for our car. We used to think we were prepared for everything until we were stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery. No one was coming for hours and we just waited and waited, we finally had someone stop and help out. We no longer have to worry about that since we now have this handy 3-in-1 battery charger, battery starter and emergency light.


This little compact device has so much power it is capable of giving your car battery a jump and recharge all of your mobile devices on a single charge. It holds an amazing 8000mAh of power and it is small enough to fit into your pocket. The compact, smart jumper cables won’t spark and also prevents overloads, reverse polarity and short circuits.


The Embark Power 3-in-1 charger also comes with a mini USB in order to charge most any brand of mobile devices like Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads and all Android phones and tablets. If you are looking for a versatile mobile charger, you cannot go wrong with the Embark Power 3-in-1 8000mAh USB Quick-Charge Portable Battery Charger.


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