25 oz. Stainless Steel Insulated Sports Water Bottle by Future Pace Tech

Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle 25 ounces by FuturePace Tech


Stainless Steel Insulated Sports Water Bottle by Futurepace Tech


This bottle is amazing for keeping cold drinks cold for 24 hours!  I know of only one really expensive brand that has been capable of doing that before this one.  It even keeps hot drinks hot for 8 hours.  All I need to do is fill the bottle with ice and then water or simply fill with hot liquid.  It has double wall insulation to keep the drinks at the desired temperature all day long.




My son has been taking this bottle to camp for a couple weeks and it has not leaked on him even once.  It is easy to carry because of the clip  but it is also the perfect size to fit right into the side pocket on his backpack.  The bottle opening is the perfect size for drinking.  It even fits perfectly in our cup holder or in the cup holder on our bikes.





This water bottle is made from durable food grade stainless steel and there is no metallic aftertaste.  I feel good knowing the bottle is BPA free and even the lid is BPA free.  There is also no plastic lining to worry about.




Lately I have been doing everything I can to eliminate the single use plastic water bottles.  First – they product so much trash/recycling.  Second – it is bottled WATER!  We have awesome tap water in our town – unlike some other towns.  It tastes as good if not better than the bottles of water you buy.  So why pay so much money for bottled water? Beats me!  Doesn’t make sense at all.  I can’t say I miss spending all that money needlessly – not for one minute!


So what are you waiting for?  Purchase one of these on Amazon and check it out yourself!


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