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Vamplets – Designer Plush Baby Monsters #vamplets

Vamplets Designer Plush Baby Monsters


Currently taking storm in the UK, is the new rage, Vamplets. They started out as a book about a teenage girl named Destiny Harper. Destiny is transported to the town of Gloomvania where she meets baby vampires known as Vamplets. Destiny must serve her term as governess of the Nightmare Nursery and find a way to return home.




The book is family friendly and appropriate for young girls and even boys as it is a graphic novel. These creepy, yet cuddly stuffed animals can be bought online through select retailers and through their website. They then can be brought to life through their virtual world on




Some of these horrific creatures include Werewolf Baby Girl, Mummy Baby, Bad Luck Fairy, and Ghost Pony. They all retail for $24.95 on but other characters retail from $10 to $15 dollars a piece. Each character also comes with a set of scary attributes that makes each one unique from the rest and a crucial part of your collection.




Further delve into the world of Gloomvania and meet the Vamplets with their series of graphic novels. These comic books tell the story of the Vamplet babies and Destiny Harper. Currently, their limited edition volume 1 graphic novel “Vamplets: The Nightmare Nursery” is sold out but their other volumes and standard cover books are available on their website.




These novels would make a perfect gift this holiday season. I’d recommend introducing the graphic novels first as it tells the whole story of the Vamplets and their spooky homeland. However, the books and the online game are most suitable for children around ages 6 and up.


Vamplet Collection


The illustrations are amazing and the central story is fun for kids, even more so, when they can play with their Vamplet online. Go to right now to check out their products and delve into the mystical world of Gloomvania. Visit the nursery, the funeral parlor, and the town hall to see the other creatures and to find your own Vamplet in action. Also check out their Twitter and Facebook pages to learn more about all they have to offer!

Right now you can get a 20% discount when purchasing from this store on Amazon with coupon code:  GLOOMY20 – offer expires soon.


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