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French Toast Casserole – A Snowy Night Treat (or Breakfast…) @Splenda @BeMilkWise

French Toast Casserole



It has been our first winter storm all day today.  Not a huge storm – really just a minor annoyance but still a storm.  So for supper I wanted to just make something easy that I knew the kids would love and there would be no bickering.  Everyone loves French Toast Casserole.


Another reason I wanted to make french toast casserole was that I had some finger rolls that were either going to need to be thrown out or I would have to create something with them.  No this french toast casserole is not actually made with french toast – I improvised but it still tasted absolutely awesome.


Plus I have been sick for about 12 days so far and instead of getting better I seem to be getting worse.  Who feels like cooking?  Something like this can easily be done by my 10 year old with my supervision.


First she ripped the finger rolls into chunks – what ten year old doesn’t love ripping stuff apart?


Ripped up finger rolls


Then in a large bowl she broke open a dozen eggs and added a cup of milk.  She used vanilla MilkWise but if she would have used regular milk she would have added a bit of vanilla.  Next, add some cinnamon and sugar (to taste – she does about three tablespoons of Splenda Blend and a tablespoon of cinnamon).


Roll the chunks of bread through the mixture and place in piles in a pan.


Rolling in the egg mixture


Here is a picture in process but the pan does get filled up.


Ready to bake


Once all the bread is dipped and placed in the pan – dump the rest of the mixture on top.  Bake at 350 degrees for approximately a half hour.  The result will be a french toast (faux french toast) casserole that has some deliciously crispy bites and others that are soft and mouth watering.  The kids eat it with maple syrup but it can also be served with powdered sugar!


Some of the best suppers – are breakfasts!


Finished result





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