Limit Technology Time For Your Kids With the Our Pact App #ad

I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, OurPact. All opinions are my own.





If you have children like mine – and most children – then your children definitely want to spend more time on technology than they should.  It is definitely in their best interest to have the time limited – but how do you do that?





…With the Our Pact Parental Control on iTunes.  This App helps to block and grant access for your children to internet and applications.  I can shut their technology time off for homework, meals, bed and more.  I can control everyone’s allowed screen time through my single device.




You can download the app for FREE on iTunes.





First you set up Our Pact on the device you want to use to control – as mom, I did my cell phone.  Then as you register, the app provides instructions to pair each device and then you can set up the controls.





The Best Parental Control App is so helpful in this day and age.  I no longer have battles at bedtime or homework time – it just becomes a “given” that devices are off during those periods.




Our Pact is easy to use and easy to set up and minimizes so many of the struggles that we have been dealing with.




For me the issue can become quite large with an autistic child.  He doesn’t quite understand appropriate social boundaries – even online.  And he definitely doesn’t understand limiting screen time – but the forced limitation he seems to accept.




So now, instead of hanging out playing with technology every waking moment – the kids are running around outside…





And spending time just hanging around loving each other…




And it makes me so much happier to just watch them having so much fun together.



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